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04 June 2027 @ 11:23 pm

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14 October 2013 @ 09:45 am
Just a short note (a proper life-update will follow after this)!

I had some people add me as a friend without saying anything to me, and I just wanted to repeat myself:

- hello it's wonderful to meet you!
- but would you please tell me if you actually want me to add you back?
- since otherwise I won't and the majority of entries here are locked
- also there will be no fic here (only random bursts of writer's agony)
- so if you're only after that please refer to rabenhorst :)
- but if you want to read my random life updates, just tell me and I'll add you!

Ok? Ok. :)

Now onto writing the promised actual journal update. A lot has happened and I'm sure I won't be able to touch half of it but I'll try to give you some sort of a short summary!

26 December 2012 @ 02:32 pm
A meme I filled in last year too, so I thought I'd give it a re-visit :) First half about things in general, second half about writing!

{ end of year meme }
My year.Collapse )

{ end of year writing meme }
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There :3

I feel kind of sick :( Hopefully it's nothing sleep won't fix.

24 December 2012 @ 03:22 pm


(c) Mauri Kunnas

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas~♥

29 September 2012 @ 11:50 pm
Two posts in one day? Yes that's right! Since I don't know how I managed to completely forget to add one of the most important things in the previous entry, and I think it deserves an entry of its own!

Namely my darling little sister daidetre~ I had these photos stashed away on my laptop and I typed the previous entry on my desktop computer so I just... totally slipped and forgot :(

Look at the awesome!Collapse )

I mean. All presents are lovely and it's the thought that counts but self-made stuff is always the best, right? I think we can all agree.

OH AND. Let's not forget she wrote me fic and it's the most wonderful piece of writing I've read in ages ;-; I still want to play in that universe or make her do it for me since it's so fascinating~~ If you didn't yet, read it now! I promise it's worth it.

AND. I was supposed to say something else too but I forgot :| Damn.

29 September 2012 @ 06:42 pm
This entry should be titled "my friends and family are awesome how did I ever deserve them?" since oh my.

First of all mom and dad visited me today! Dad made me these flower-systems and helped me fix some things I'm too dumb or too short to do (aka attaching stuff to the ceiling or fixing the too low clothes hanger thing or so) and mom washed my dishes and brought me cake and we had a really nice long chat ;-; I love them and I already miss them. Now if only my brother would drag his butt to visit me I'd be super happy!

Some pictures here!Collapse )

Also, mhn77 was in Korea for ...three weeks? And she was kind enough to take along a shopping list from me (and from bling_asaur) and now last almost two weeks ago (I'm so slow...) I got a huge package from her! Not only the stuff I'd bought and paid for her, but also so much nice stuff she just got me because she's amazing and awesome and too good to be true ;__;♥♥♥

Pictures!Collapse )

Then, as if that wasn't already more than enough, I also got a package from Ree and another from Eva and ajkfbnkhbks you are too nice to me okay!

More pictures!Collapse )

So my friends are epic okay.

Also, seinen_no and oemmelchen are coming to visit me in less than a week! \o/ But more of that after the visit~

18 May 2012 @ 07:31 pm
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I've spent the whole day grading exams and trying to figure out what my students deserve for their report cards. ahah it's kind of hard, to be honest. Especially since I'm so indecisive and MY HEART BLEEDS WHEN I NEED TO GIVE BAD GRADES :( I need to work on being harsher and more brutal okay. But the kids are so nice ;-; underneath all that "omg school sucks can we go home". lmao my subjects are the most hated but IDC.

Tomorrow we're going to a funeral and a confirmation party. I already know which one will be more fun (hint: not the confirmation) and I can't say I'm much enthusiastic but oh well. It's an obligation so it will be taken care of. haha dad said that if we survive tomorrow we'll celebrate it by getting drunk together as a nice family pastime (read; we'll have a bottle of cider/wine together while watching TV).

Tomorrow is also the next ice hockey game yaay! I really hope that we'll manage to kick Russia out of the games 8D WOULD BE SO AMAZING. Already the game against the US was really awesome, it was fast and quality and really entertaining and exactly how hockey should be (aka; a good game that Finland wins, /coughs) :3

Two more weeks to go before the semester ends! Both excited and kind of sad. I'll miss the seventh graders ;-; From now on I'll be working with older kids. BUT OH WELL.

I feel like ever since finishing the SBB fic I haven't gotten anything written and it bugs me. I have so many ideas and so much enthusiasm but then I come home to a headache and general lethargy and don't do anything at all. It kind of sucks but then again soon it's summer holidays and I keep hoping I get much done :3

Also I seem to be collecting taemints on twitter. I don't know how but it's not like I mind they're all so squishy and nice ;-;

11 April 2012 @ 10:58 pm
My stomach hurts and I can't go to sleep yet so I figured I'd pimp this out here too.

---> A fic meme!

Basically, ask anything about a fic of your choice.

I'm really enjoying working although I still hate getting up early in the mornings. Tomorrow is my only day when I go in later! \o/

One of the other teachers asked me today where I got my nails done :3 I was happy to inform I painted them myself, haha~

I signed up for the SHINee big bang eventually, even though I don't know if I can work out anything for it. I'm not even sure of the pairing yet, although out of my three choices I'm kind of leaning towards one.

Mood: tiredtired
07 April 2012 @ 06:42 pm
I kind of really want to update this thing more. It feels that livejournal is so dead that it kind of makes me avoid it too, which is not good :| or not avoid, per se, since I do read entries and look through my friends page nearly daily, but avoid in the sense of not updating it much. I know I owe you those picture posts still but I haven't had the chance to go through them yet. Working the days leaves me completely braindead during the evenings!

I thought I'd post some photos anyway. I bought this set of glitter nailpolishes and now I've been completely glitter addicted. First I painted my nails light pink and added pink glitter, then baby blue with light blue glitter, then I had red with golden glitter and now blue with silver glitter 8D I don't have photos of the red version (which I quite liked) but the others are presented under the cut!

Nailpolish!Collapse )

Please ignore my fat fingers XD I quite like the colors :3 I tried out green also but it looked bad, probably because the basic green polish I used was too light. So I'll try again with stronger green at some point. And when the world championships for ice hockey start, I'm going to paint little Finnish flags on my nails :3

When I want to cheer myself up I buy things. Hence the glitter polishes, which were only 15€ for 25 colors though so it's not that bad. And also SHINee socks! \o/ I desperately needed new socks since most of what I have are kinda sorta broken, lmao. So I ordered me some~ of course the pictures are drawn and kinda vague but hey-ho they're cute!

shineeeeeCollapse )

I also wanted Super Junior socks but all the ones I found on ebay were butt ugly :(

In addition to playing with nail polish, enjoying my new socks and working, I've been planning things to write. I don't get much actual writing done these days since I AM SO TIRED did I mention I'm tired? Good I'm tired :( But I keep myself sane by planning stuff and it ends up in me having a million unfinished fics and no actual energy to write any of them! \o/

I already posted the list on tumblr but this is my current wip list, excluding the fics I only have a veeeery vague idea for since if I include those the list would have forty of them and I'm not even kidding oh god I suck. BUT.

ficlist (which is LONG be warned, just scroll by if not interested)Collapse )

So. That was long and I apologize :|

Oh man, really. I have a master's degree in science and I spend my evening wriggling my toes since I have cute socks. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME.

I shall go find food.